04 May 2011

tectonic place

They're the Tectonics, and they're launching their new single tonight in Kelly's Bar - a fine venue. Last time I was there was when the SawDocs were doing their album launch last year.

Yours truly will be playing support but I doubt I'll be doing the tune posted below ;-).  I will be doing this tune though, and probably this.  Who knows? 

Since I have the week off work, I've had plenty of time to practise a set and scrap it completely.  I was tempted to use my gorgeous new guitar but today I got this sudden hunch that it might be a good idea to string up the old Danelectro 12 and use that instead.  I don't know though, putting on 6 strings is enough of a pain in the bum...

The Tectonics will also be playing at the Mercantile in Dublin on Friday, and Eddie Murphy's in Thomastown (Co. Kilkenny) on Saturday.  Their tunes (what I've heard of them) are dead good and I hope this goes well for them. 

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