01 May 2011

budget day blues (redux)

Okay, here's a piece I came up with last November (yes, around the time the Budget From Hell was announced by the previous government of my country).  It's fourteen minutes long and in six parts; it starts in a pub in the winter and ends in a garden in the summer. 

Turns out I have a gig next week playing support to some folks I know.  Don't think I'll be playing this one though - I somehow doubt it would be possible to fit a four-piece horn section, viola, cello, pedal steel and piano players as well as a bassist and drummer on the stage in Kelly's.  At least not with the headlining act's backline up there too.  ;-)

Budget Day Blues breaks down as follows:

i)   the next king of ireland
ii)  budget day news
iii) meat and jam
iv) threshold
v)  harvest
vi) the loose boot

  budget day blues by theboogalaxy

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