29 November 2004

A-live, a live-oh...

The week before last I got to see Charis playing an early-evening, all ages gig in the local. Charis keep getting better and better and they now seem to have added a lap-steel player to the lineup - suits perfectly. Singer John is a commanding onstage presence even sitting down with an acoustic guitar, and support from local singer/songwriter Ultan was pretty tasty too. Plus it's great to see young kids at indoor pub gigs. After all, there's no smoke to bother them any more, and it's a chance to expose these malleable young minds to the wonders of the hoochy-coochy rockety-roll music, which of course is a joy that every child deserves.

Don't just take my word for it, the band's own website have some great photos from the night, taken by snd engnr, paparazzo and blogger Seán McC.

The Dudley Corporation were playing that same night, and damn good they were too, but I have to say I got a real kick out of the support, Large Mound - if ever Ireland has produced an equivalent to Hüsker Dü, it's these boys. Apparently one member is emigrating, which may leave things in limbo for a bit, but hopefully we haven't seen the last of them.

Tonight should be good: I'm off to see the Scottish singer, songwriter, guitarist and folk legend John Martyn.

My boss is such a big Martyn fan that last summer he went to see him play in Campbell's Tavern and Vicar Street, and spoke in glowing terms of both shows. Martyn was badly injured in an accident last year, but from what I've heard his most recent shows have evinced a welcome return to form.

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