10 November 2004

After dinner mince

The chappy upstairs is a nice guy, but has a fondness for bad, kiddie's metal. He probably doesn't bring his library books back on time either. So while digesting the mackerel and rice, what better time to get acquainted with the Shuffle feature on one's portable EmPeeThree player of choice? Ah, that's better...

- The Posies

Last Chance to Comprehend - Latyrx

Si Tu Disais - Calexico

Cantara - Dead Can Dance

The Spanish Merchant's Daughter - The Stoneman Family (from the Harry Smith anthology)

A Little Girl Lost - David Axelrod

Old Master Painter / You Are My Sunshine - Brian Wilson

St. Elmo's Fire - Brian Eno

Skull X - Primal Scream

Outro (Metal fingerz scraped the chalkboard) - Scienz of Life

Attack El Robot! Attack! - Calexico

Honey Hush - Paul McCartney

We Haven't Turned Around - Gomez

Life on a String - Laurie Anderson

The Light Pours Out Of Me - Magazine

Terrorized - The Posies

Single Girl, Married Girl - The Carter Family (from the Harry Smith anthology)

Tune In - Gregory Isaacs

Let Us Love - Bill Withers

Wayland's Smithy Has Wings - Julian Cope

Wataridori 2 - Cornelius

About The Weather - Magazine

La la - The Polyphonic Spree


  1. where oh where do you get time to write this stuff?.... half a bloody paragraph takes me an hour and then if I Proofread it--- who knows? And then if I add links... ouch...

  2. Why Brendan- you've gone and created a music blog! And I didn't know it! Looks like another regular stop for my crowded blogreading schedule...

    I keep hearing a lot about the Polyphonic Spree...I think I'll have to check 'em out one of these days.