16 April 2011

Highfield Park Blues

The Proclamation on the door
Said "They who shout shall shout no more,
for residents will not tolerate
The ructions of the inebriate.

"Warnings we have given thrice
That your behaviour should be nice,
Civilised, decent, above reproach,
Since on our road ye did encroach.

"But in your folly ye did choose,
With nightly revels and with booze,
To create a brazen, hideous din.
Your presence 'midst us is a sin.

"Frequent visits from the guards
Failed to daunt you or your pards;
Shame on those who did ye rear-
We mean your mother and your pere.

"A fitter place for ye to dwell
While on your merry way to Hell,
Would be a cave along the shore
Or else a Shack in Bohermore.

"On behalf of our Association
Now established through the Nation-
these, our names, we hereby sign
Michael J. and Phyllis Styne".

Highfield Park Blues is a poem from the collection Dactyl Distillations by Patrick Finnegan.  (1991) Published by Weaver Publications, Dublin.  ISBN 0951304429

PDF of the book available here

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