24 March 2007

...Jayzus, the class of spam we're getting these days...

"You assume right. A concert it is-and now. We havent had any live he left, he made this recording. Told me to give it to you. Told me clue now to the whereabouts of the alien artifact. A clue that was be certain. Were not taking a chance on that. Lets show them what a pack of real rats can do! any possible tails the Admiral had put on me. I was risking my life-in and dropped onto the couch. Oh-so we have remembered it at last. Dont you want to know what it at war we seek only peace. We survive. They will kill themselves, but Applied technology, he said. Perhaps this lot isnt as bad as the Always good to meet a true fan. We all bowed now since this was not me as I fled. I was the last to arrive and I collapsed and joined the up, yawned and stretched. With great reluctance the sun had finally I thought you said computer? was my baffled response. have been thinking about the poison and counting the days before I"
But have no fear, darlingest lecteur. Spam is only a bad dream you had once, on a summer night when the lightningbugs throbbed outside your window and it was way past beddiebyes time. You are here, this is now; all is good. Feel no shame over the state of your inbox, for it is a clean and pristine place. The streets are safe. Honest. Really.

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