22 February 2007

With apologies to Messrs. Lennon, McCartney, Palin and Cleese.

I bought me a bird
It cost five and two -
Norwegian Blue
She sat on her perch
And didn't stir
Shame about her

I prodded this parrot, and thought she might shuffle at least;
But she didn't move and I knew then that she was deceased

Went back to the shop
With parrot and cage
Half in a rage
They said it was "stunned -
After a squawk"
(Strange kind of talk)

I didn't agree but they said she just pined for the fjords
Then I pointed out that her feet had been nailed to the boards

Poor Polly's no more
Her plumage so fine
Has ceased to shine
They sold me a dud
Dead of bird flu -
Norwegian Blue...

video @ tumblr

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